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Arif Moghal

Counselling & Therapy 


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If you are struggling with anxiety or with depression, if life has become confusing and difficult, if you are having relationship or family issues, if you’ve had a difficult past, if things just aren’t working out the way you want and the way you hoped, if you are feeling stuck, I can offer a free initial consultation and assessment where we can talk about how you are experiencing life.

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I work with people with many issues, including but not limited to, unhappiness; depression; anxiety, in its many forms; relationships with partners and family; relationships with food; relationships with body image; low self-worth; loss; procrastination; self-sabotage; stress; panic attacks; addiction; OCD; early attachment issues; grief and bereavement; self-harm; abuse; loneliness; insecurity; separation. And I work with, and enjoy working with, clients who are autistic and have an ADHD diagnosis.
It may also be though that you are generally dissatisfied and unhappy with your life and want to work out how to free yourself up and live a happier and better life, or find a way to live a completely different life that is more in line with your wishes and hopes.
About Counselling & Therapy
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Every week we'll spend time in a safe, non-judgemental space where you can talk and be heard. Together, and at your pace, we will unfold and untangle problems, difficulties and pains in your life — in this process alone there is often a great sense of relief and release.

It will never be about what’s wrong with you... it will be about what happened to you, or how you developed ways of living that made it possible for you to cope with the people, relationships or circumstances in your life — and how those patterns or parts of them may have become stuck, and may be getting in the way of letting you be who you are or who you want to be.

We will explore the relationship you have with others and with yourself, and the past and the present. All your thoughts, feelings, ideas and stories will be welcome.

Sometimes people begin without an ability to express and access many of the variety of feelings a person can have, but I've seen that with time a person can go from that state to a much more fulfilling and healthy emotional life. And wherever you start from, or whatever reason you start for, a change is possible for you, too.


When we first meet, we will discuss your goals and aims.


Often the work we do is so that emotions and feelings experienced in the present or from your past, which may or may not be in your conscious awareness, don’t block or disrupt or rule you, or cause damage to you. With time, they will make themselves known to you in ways that are healthier, and in ways that can enrich and inform your life and your sense of who you are; so that you can arrive at a place of much greater ease of being.

And there is no obstacle in how young or old you are, what your background or your past is, or what has brought you here in this moment.

How I Work
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I work with a psychodynamic approach, understanding how the unconscious, the past, the unspoken and our early relationships affect how we live in the present in ways we are not fully aware of. It can help to think of it like an iceberg where only the small area above the surface is seen, but the much larger part under the surface is having a great influence on how we are living.

I will help you to recognise, see and feel the effects of the unconscious, the past, the unspoken and your early relationships in your life as you live it now, and the depth and extent of these effects; but also it is very much about my being there with you, as a safe, welcoming and open presence, as you come into and explore the present, and feel what it is to be in the present — as you move towards becoming free and clear of issues that hold you down and hold you back.

I use the foundation framework of humanistic approaches where the core values are of meeting you where you are, being genuine and authentic, and being non-judgemental.

As they may be needed, I may call on aspects of other modalities, such as existential, here-and-now approaches, and trauma informed work.





Professional Memberships
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I am a Registered Member of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) and work according to their ethical code, and I am an Associate Member of the IGA (Institute of Group Analysis).

I’m currently taking on new clients online through Zoom or FaceTime. It’s a very effective way of working. We can see how it feels to work this way in our initial meeting and if you feel it would suit you.

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How To Start
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I offer a free one hour online consultation and assessment with no obligation to continue to sessions afterwards. However you have found your way here, I Invite you to email me or call me, or use the form below if you're interested in the possibilities of counselling and therapy in your life.


If we continue, sessions will be at a mutually agreed regular time for fifty minutes, once a week. My standard rates are £50 per session.


Tel: 07463 749 598

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